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Calculating the Pounds I Have Lost

Seidy The Girl shared two photos on her social networks to proudly show her obvious physical change.

“Here calculating the pounds I have lost,” he said a few hours ago on Facebook along with two snapshots where he is seen posing in a dressing room, first from the front and then from the side, to show off his weight loss.

“Ah, don’t look at the back of me, that doesn’t go down,” she noted with amusement in the publication that provoked reactions – mostly praise and affection – from her followers.

“I just tell women, no matter your age or race, love yourself however you are… look in the mirror and be proud of what you see and damn the world… know it,” she added in a comment to her own post.

Facebook / Seidy The Girl

This Monday, Seidy – who recently revealed King The Magician – After his recent words about The Goddess, of whom he was asked in a sarcastic tone if she had a song, he opened his publications on networks with several photos after a training session.

With the pictures, which show that his change is the result of effort and perseverance in training, Seidy wished his followers a happy Monday.

A day before, the singer of “Tattoo” and “Obsesión” had shared a message in defense of pampering oneself and also taking care of good mental health.

“It is so important to dedicate time to yourself, celebrate you, pamper yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, above all, applaud you. We live in such a hectic world that we forget that our mental health is part of the self-care or #personalcare, don’t wait for them to take care of you and take care of yourself,” he said along with several images where he showed some of the pampering he gives himself.

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