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California Prison Shutting Down Amid Allegations of Sexual Abuse from Inmates

The Federal Bureau of Prisons will be closing the low-security federal women’s prison in Dublin, California, following an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by inmates against several employees. The Bureau of Prisons stated that significant efforts and resources were invested in addressing issues such as culture, recruitment and retention, outdated infrastructure, and prisoner misconduct. Despite these efforts, it was determined that the Dublin Correctional Institution did not meet expected standards, leading to the decision to close the facility.

In a statement to EFE, Colette S. Peters, director of the correctional institution, mentioned that the decision to close the prison came after a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of implemented measures and additional resources. The closure also followed an FBI raid at the facility in March, during which computers and documents were confiscated.

Peters ensured that the 605 women inmates at the prison will be transferred to another institution, and that employees will not lose their jobs as a result of the closure, which could potentially be temporary. In August 2023, eight female victims of sexual abuse at the Dublin prison filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Prisons and the prison’s management for failing to prevent, investigate, and respond to complaints from detainees.

According to the legal document, the plaintiffs alleged enduring “horrible” abuse and exploitation by prison employees, including rape, sexual assault, degrading comments, groping during medical examinations, and threats of deportation for detained immigrants.

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