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Camila Homs lauded for her reaction to powerful song dedicated by Tini Stoessel

The Socios del Espectáculo reporter asked the model about Tini’s cathartic song regarding the beginning of her relationship with Rodrigo de Paul, and the model responded assertively.

Camila Homs returned to Buenos Aires after a vacation in Miami with her children and faced questions from Show Partners about Tini Stoessel’s new song, “Ni de ti,” which clarifies details about her romance with Rodrigo de Paul.

In the song, Tini addresses rumors, stating that she did not break up any families or use drugs as previously claimed by Homs. The lyrics also touch upon media and haters.

Upon her arrival at the airport, Camila Homs was approached by reporters but chose not to engage, signaling her firm decision to move past the situation without making any comments.

Despite persistent questioning from the journalist, Homs remained resolute and declined to provide any statements regarding the media scandal or Tini’s song, maintaining her stance as she left the scene.

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