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Carmen Borrego reveals shocking comments made by Ángel Cristo in ‘SV’: “They cannot be broadcast…”

On April 16, 2024, a video surfaced featuring Carmen Borrego and Kike Calleja discussing Ángel Cristo. The collaborators of ‘We’ll see’ analyzed the latest images of Angel Cristo Jr. in ‘Survivors’. The contestant has been involved in conflicts with her island companions, which came as no surprise. Carmen Borrego and Kike Calleja decided to reveal some truths about Ángel Cristo that were not aired on television.

Carmen Borrego, after watching the video, expressed her thoughts: “Living with Ángel Cristo is… to say the least, difficult.” She described him as a person who is mysterious and manipulative. Borrego and Calleja mentioned that Ángel Cristo has made inappropriate remarks about his family that cannot be broadcast.

Kike Calleja revealed that Ángel Cristo has made atrocious statements on the island, including comments about his family that were deemed unsuitable for airing. The collaborators were shocked by the revelations and emphasized that Ángel Cristo is not naive and intentionally controls his image on camera.

In conclusion, the collaborators highlighted that Ángel Cristo’s behavior on the live show reflects his true nature, as he instigates conflicts and makes controversial remarks. Despite his actions, it is evident that Ángel Cristo is calculated and aware of what he says when the cameras are rolling.

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