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Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony Net Worth

Casey Anthony’s Financial Status and Career After the Trial

Casey Anthony’s Financial Status and Career After the Trial

More than a decade has passed since Casey Anthony was acquitted in the high-profile murder case of her daughter. Since then, Anthony has attempted to lead a low-profile life, despite the ongoing public interest in her story. This article explores her current net worth, her career endeavors, and how she manages her finances today.

Current Net Worth

Casey Anthony’s net worth is reportedly around $10,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This figure reflects a significant financial downturn following her trial. In 2013, Anthony declared bankruptcy, listing approximately $1,000 in assets against $800,000 in liabilities. Her financial obligations included substantial legal fees and debts to various creditors, highlighting the severe financial strain she experienced post-trial.

During her bankruptcy proceedings, Anthony disclosed that she had no income and was reliant on the generosity of friends and strangers who provided her with gift cards and cash. This support has been crucial in helping her manage day-to-day expenses amidst financial instability.

Professional Endeavors

Casey Anthony has ventured into several professional paths since the trial. Initially, she dabbled in photography, launching a business in 2016 that did not achieve significant success. More recently, in December 2020, she took a more formal step into the professional world by establishing a private investigation firm in Florida, named Case Research & Consulting Services LLC. This move aligns with her background, given her high-profile case and the extensive legal battles she has faced.

Despite not being able to hold a private investigator’s license herself due to her felony status in Florida, the business is registered under Patrick McKenna, a key member of her defense team. This setup suggests that Anthony is still closely tied to her legal team and continues to draw on the resources and networks she built during her trial.

Media Engagements and Public Perception

In November 2022, Casey Anthony stepped back into the public eye with her first on-camera interview in the Peacock documentary “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.” This appearance marked a significant moment, as it was one of her few public engagements since the trial. The documentary aimed to present her side of the story, although it was met with mixed reactions from the public and media commentators.

Anthony has expressed interest in writing a book about her life, which she began working on in 2020. She has completed several chapters, but the book has yet to be published. Her story remains a subject of controversy and public scrutiny, and any projects she undertakes are likely to attract significant attention and criticism.


Casey Anthony’s life after her trial reflects a complex mix of low-profile living, occasional public engagements, and attempts to rebuild her life amidst financial and social challenges. Her efforts to establish a career and potentially tell her story through a book or documentary highlight her ongoing struggle to shape her narrative in the face of widespread public scrutiny and financial difficulties.


What is Casey Anthony’s current net worth?
Casey Anthony’s current estimated net worth is around $10,000.

How does Casey Anthony make money now?
She has attempted various ventures, including starting a photography business and launching a private investigation firm.

Was Casey Anthony paid for her participation in the Peacock documentary?
It is unclear if she was compensated for her participation in the documentary “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.”

What is the status of Casey Anthony’s book?
As of now, the book has not been published, but she has completed several chapters.

Can Casey Anthony legally work as a private investigator?
No, due to her felony status in Florida, she cannot hold a private investigator’s license herself.

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