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Centenarian Cuban Woman who Came to the US on Humanitarian Parole Passes Away

Victoria Dominguez Guzman, a hundred-year-old Cuban woman who came to the United States with humanitarian parole, died on Saturday in Norfolk, Nebraska. She arrived at Miami International Airport on January 20, after nearly a year of waiting for the US government to approve her parole application filed by her relatives.

Elier Morell, one of her 13 grandchildren, disclosed to the portal Cubans around the World that she suffered from a lung complication and did not survive despite the medical care she received. He mentioned that her blood pressure dropped completely, leading to her swift and painless passing. Elier, who left Cuba on a raft in 2007 and now resides in Tampa, expressed gratitude to God for his grandmother living beyond 100 years.

Victoria, also known as La Gallega, was born in Alto Potrero, a rural community in Vertientes, Camagüey. She was married to the Spanish Adolfo Moreira, whose farm was confiscated by the Castro regime in 1959. Throughout the years, she endured the loss of her husband and three of her children.

She was affectionately referred to as La Guayabera for selling guavas in her town. Despite her age, her family admired her sharp mind. Photos capturing Victoria’s arrival in the United States depicted her smiling, bundled up, and holding a cell phone.

During her brief time in the land of freedom, her relatives shared pictures on Facebook, showcasing the cherished moments spent with her numerous offspring. In Cuba, she left behind a daughter, three granddaughters, and two great-grandsons.

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