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Channing Tatum misses out on potential action franchise as sequel falls through; another actor snags project with similar concept – Movie News

Both films came out in the same year, but only one was a success.

You don’t always have luck in making the jump to a big action star, even though Hollywood believes you are ready for it. Channing Tatum had a hard time finding his place, shining in Infiltrated in class with its mix of action and comedy after suffering the unpleasant experience of G.I. Joe. In between he led a movie that should have been its own franchise.

Released in 2013, Assault to power was an explosive spectacle that Tatum led alongside Jamie Foxx, with destructive blockbuster expert Roland Emmerich as director. The film, which could be seen last night on Spanish Television’s La 1 as The Movie of the Week, was focused on a terrorist threat against the White House.

Tatum’s character is a federal agent who has to rescue his daughter and also the president of the United States, played by Foxx. The film did not have the best reviews, but it was warmly received by the public, grossing about $205 million at the box office. They are not bad numbers, which would even be enough to approve a sequel. The problem is that its exorbitant budget of 150 million made the company unprofitable.

Tatum was not only left without his great action franchise, but he also had to see how another star had his own with the same idea. Objective: The White House, released a few months earlier, had Gerard Butler as a secret service agent who has to save the president during a terrorist attack on the most important government building.

The reviews were more or less similar (both around 50% approval in Rotten Tomatoes), and the gross of Butler’s film was less, with 170 million total. But his cost was significantly less, $70 million, so his studio had less trouble producing two more films led by Butler, with a fourth on the way. He managed to succeed where Tatum was left halfway.

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