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Charlotte shooting suspect with a history of drug, assault, and weapons charges spanning 20 years

The latest headlines from our reporters across the US sent straight to your inbox each weekdayYour briefing on the latest headlines from across the USPrior to the fierce shootout in Charlotte, North Carolina – in which four law enforcement officers were killed and several others wounded – police had been attempting to serve felony warrants on 39-year-old Terry Clark Hughes Jr.Hughes – who also died in the shootout – had been arrested dozens of times, with almost 50 cases listed online, including charges relating to drug manufacture, firearm possession and aggravated assault.The charges against him stretch back over 20 years and across multiple counties in North Carolina, with one listed against him as far back as 2001 over communicating threats — against his own father, Terry Clark Hughes Sr.Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CPMD) chief Johnny Jennings said that Hughes Jr had previously spent a “significant amount of time” behind bars.CPMD said that at the time of Monday’s incident, Hughes was wanted for possession of a firearm by felo…

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