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Chilean Deputy Proposes Expelling Venezuelans on Boats for “National Security”

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ARCHIVE Diario de Antofagasta

During this Tuesday, deputy Sebastián Videla, who represents the Antofagasta region, presented an initiative aimed at addressing the problem of migration in our country in an effective and equitable manner.

This proposal has the main objective of guaranteeing the security of our society and protecting the rights of all citizens.

In a conversation with the director of Immigration, Luis Thayer, Deputy Videla proposed the implementation of expulsions of foreigners with an expulsion order or undocumented immigrants via boats. This measure, in addition to increasing the number of expulsions, would contribute to “strengthening our borders and maintaining security in our communities.”

Furthermore, Videla urges the government to talk seriously with the Venezuelan authorities, “in order to expel those citizens who do not contribute positively to our country, many of whom are linked to organized crime. This bilateral collaboration seeks to promote orderly and safe migration for both nations.”

Finally, the deputy calls on the government and society as a whole to support these actions that seek to protect the interests and security of all citizens.

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