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Christian Domínguez and Karla Tarazona embark on a weekend getaway to the quaint north, deepening their bond | Entertainment news | Celeb updates

There are more signs of a possible reconciliation. Magaly Medina dropped a bomb on his ATV program, revealing that Christian Dominguez and the mother of his son, Karla Tarazona, were together all weekend. The former couple traveled to Huaral for a quinceañera organized by a family close to them.

Christian Dominguez was hired to sing at the event and brought his ex-partner along. They both stayed in the same lodging, making it seem like a family trip.

Karla Tarazona has denied any romantic involvement with Christian Dominguez. In response to rumors, she stated that she has been quiet for a long time after her separation, prioritizing maturity, peace of mind, and her children.

Regarding the photo where Christian Dominguez appears to feed her, Karla clarified that it was taken out of context and was part of promoting her son’s party. She emphasized that there is no reconciliation with Christian.

Other recent news includes Vanessa López defending herself after visiting Karol G while her daughter was hospitalized, Magaly Medina criticizing Pamela López for singing Karol G songs, and Pamela López accusing Tomate of being a neglectful father.

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