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“Civil War” Breaks A24 Studio Record for Highest Box Office Opening

The dystopian action film “Civil War,” directed by Alex Garland, exceeded expectations in its opening weekend in the United States. The movie debuted with $25.7 million in North America, making it the biggest R-rated start of the year and the biggest opening weekend in A24 studio history.

Heading into the weekend, “Civil War” was already anticipated to surpass the previous title holder, “Hereditary,” which debuted with $13.6 million. The film has already grossed $30 million worldwide, far exceeding initial projections.

“Civil War” follows Kirsten Dunst as a journalist traveling through a violently divided United States, under the authoritarian rule of a three-term president played by Nick Offerman. The film, set in the not-too-distant future, has garnered both criticism and praise for the way it reflects the current polarized state of American democracy.

Director Alex Garland described the film to Entertainment Weekly, emphasizing the viewer’s role in interpreting the story. He stated, “The film is intentionally opaque, forcing viewers to ask questions. I want to make films that provoke thought and challenge audiences to engage with the material.”

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