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CNN Poll: Trump leads Biden in 2024 election as public opinion on their presidencies differ

A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS shows that Donald Trump continues to have an advantage over President Joe Biden in the upcoming campaign. The majority of Americans believe that Trump’s presidency was a success, while they see Biden’s presidency as a failure. Republicans are more unified in seeing Trump’s presidency as a success compared to Democrats’ view of Biden’s presidency. Public opinion of both presidents’ achievements varies, with many Americans considering one a success and the other a failure. Economic concerns are a top priority for voters in choosing a candidate, with Trump leading among those who prioritize the economy.

A large majority of Americans feel that economic conditions in the US are poor, and many believe that a change in political leadership in Washington would have a greater impact on their views of the economy than actual economic changes. Biden’s approval ratings for his handling of various issues, such as the economy and inflation, remain negative. When it comes to issue priorities for the upcoming election, protecting democracy is considered extremely important by a majority of voters. Impressions of both candidates remain mostly negative, with many voters feeling dissatisfied with the candidates they have to choose from. The poll also shows that there is a lack of understanding between Biden and Trump supporters.


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