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Comedian Ulises Toirac Denied Acting Opportunity in Havana Theater

The Cuban comedian Ulises Toirac complained on social media that his participation in a comedy club held on Saturdays at the Café Teatro Bertolt Brecht in Havana was banned.

“Again, the long arm of the law. I was coordinating acting at the invitation of the guys who make it, in a comedy club that takes place on Saturdays at the Café del Bertolt Brecht. ‘Coincidentally’ I can’t work there either.”the comedian noted in a Facebook post in which he implied that there are already several occasions in which something similar happens to him.

“I don’t know why I get the impression that the list I’m on is getting darker. Anyway. The blockade, but at 30 hands,” he concluded.

In the comments section, the comedian received massive support from his followers, who criticized the government’s position that increasingly tightens the siege of censorship on artistic creation, a policy that has characterized the regime for decades.

“Only once in an activity a few months ago they explicitly said that I could not appear. In another proposal for a theatrical show they asked to remove me from the cast. This is the fourth time I have tried to work somewhere in the state and it ‘failed’ for me to be able to do so. Green with a tip…”, responded the comedian about the precedents for this refusal.

Questioned by the writer Ramón Fernández Larrea about the excuse they gave him, the comedian replied that they do not openly show their faces.

“Okra. The fluff of the counterfluff. They don’t show their faces openly. Everything in the third or fourth person. And they lack c… to go head on. Everything is very revolutionary. You have experience”he answered.

“Ulysses, that is so painful and so ugly, that it even makes me ashamed. I have nothing to do with that. I am worried about your work, your being and being, because you need to work to live and the public also needs you. They don’t see that you have stayed here with your loved ones in the same difficulties while others have left,” said Raúl de la Rosa, well-known artistic director of musical shows.

“And surely they come back and suddenly you see them working as if nothing had happened. There are highly commented examples of this. Nothing, we are wrong,” added de la Rosa in a veiled reference to other comedians who enter and leave the country periodically and have no issues.

Numerous admirers of Ulises Toirac suggested that he not try again in state spaces and that he perform in private settings.something that other comedians such as Otto Ortiz, Rigoberto Ferrera or Osvaldo Doimeadiós do periodically.

There were also those who openly recommended that he leave the country, that he go to the United States where a growing list of Cuban comedians has arrived in recent years, where the majority have managed to insert themselves and work as comedians.

“Get a parole. Among so many members of the union who have already freed themselves from the yoke and we will welcome you here with great joy,” recommended a follower.

In recent years there have been numerous occasions in which Ulises Toirac has used his talent: humor, to express your opinion on social networks about the government’s countless wrong policies or about the harsh reality of the daily life of those who reside in the countrysomething that, judging by the closing of doors that has resulted, must not have gone down well at the highest levels.

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