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Controversial, Chaotic, Vulgar, and Unmissable: Uncover ‘Rabos: The Musical’ with the Exclusive Trailer – Latest Film Updates

Arrived with the healthy purpose of scandalizing, it is the first musical production by the prestigious production company A24.

This movie comes straight ahead. Is called Rabos: The musical. And, for more clues about what’s coming our way, it’s directed by Larry Charles, creator of Borat and Brüno; oh, and it comes endorsed by him A24 quality seal specifically his first musical.

Does anyone need more to decide to see Rabos: The musical starting next April 26 and exclusively in cinemas? Not me, particularly. And if you needed even more incentives, here’s the premise: Craig and Trevor are business rivals, two extremely narcissistic and egomaniacal people. One day they discover that they are identical twins, separated at birth. At that moment, they decide to exchange each other so that their divorced parents can be together.

Wait a minute… this argument may sound a bit familiar to you. And, of course: it is the same approach as You to Boston and I to California, but from an adult (very adult) and queer prism. A radical, provocative film and, of course, not for all tastes… And that, at a time when the billboard seems crammed with films cut from the same cloth, is to be appreciated.

So that you know a little about what we are talking about and why this film is not like any other, we present to you the exclusive trailer. It is available on these lines: just over a minute of brilliant madness.

Criticism, of course, has been divided around a Rabos: The Musical. Here we are going to stay with the positive ones, of course. For example, since Variety They assure that it is a film “that makes fun of practically everything”; in The Guardian They define it as “the strangest and most insane movie of the year, a grotesque musical that will prove to be a test of endurance for many”; in New York Post They claim that “it has abundant obscenities, constant profanities, crazy songs and dances and it made me laugh a lot”; and, finally, a criticism that for me is key and defining why you have to see this film: from the middle Deadline declare that this film is “designed to piss off a certain type of audience, and it will succeed”. We all already know what type of audience he is referring to… And if you don’t know, it is likely that he is referring to you.

Mariona Borrull enjoyed it in her presentation in Toronto and, in her review for SensaCine is along the same line of opinion:

It is understandable only if we understand the unspoken folds of queer expressions. Without them, Dicks would be a terrible comedy, especially aimed at offending everyone and everyone. Dicks is not for everyone. A24’s first musical comedy specifically appeals to a young audience who are most likely to see beyond the amount of expletives the leading couple unleashes

The creators of this crazy project are the comic couple formed by Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, who in addition to playing the two identical twins (no, they don’t look alike at all), They have written the script and the songs (remember this is a canonical musical). Both have adapted the script of their musical to film Fucking Identical Twins and they have written the web series Jared & Ivanka for the page Funny or Die in which they play two of Donald Trump’s children.

The cast of the film, in addition to the aforementioned Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, is completed with the faces of Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, Bowen Yang and rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Tails: The Musical intend to be offensive, delusional, rude and, above all, funny. One of those films called to be ‘cult’ and that have a target very determined. I’m not going to miss it starting April 26, exclusively in theaters.

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