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Controversial Divorce Fuels Speculation: Meet Frederik, Carmen Villalobos’ New Boyfriend in “Café con Aroma de Mujer”

Soap opera fans are familiar with Carmen Villalobos, a Colombian actress and model who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her talent and versatility in various roles. At 40 years old, she has amassed a large fan following that adores her every move.

In 2022, Carmen Villalobos made headlines with her divorce from Sebastián Caicedo after three years of marriage. The couple confirmed the news on social media but chose to keep the details private and maintain a respectful silence about the separation.

Currently, Carmen Villalobos is in a new relationship with Frederik Oldenburg, a sports journalist and social communicator known for his work on Telemundo. Together, they share a vibrant presence on social media with a combined following of over 765 thousand fans.

The couple frequently posts photos on Instagram showcasing their everyday life, exotic travels, beach vacations, and family gatherings. Their relationship began with a sense of surprise and wonder, as Carmen affectionately expressed on Frederik’s birthday.

On the other hand, Sebastian Caicedo, Carmen Villalobos’ ex-husband, opened up about their past relationship in an interview, emphasizing the importance of faith and God’s presence in a partnership. He has since moved on and found love with Juliana Diez Duque, a Colombian businesswoman.

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