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Copenhagen Old Stock Exchange Destroyed by Devastating Fire

A massive fire engulfed the former Danish Stock Exchange on Tuesday morning, with video footage showing flames ravaging the historic building in the center of the capital.

The Børsen building, which has been the heart of Danish business since the 17th century, was seen with huge plumes of black smoke billowing from the Copenhagen monument as rescuers worked below.

Stunned travelers and onlookers watched as the fire swirled around the building’s distinctive 56-meter spire, shaped like the tails of four intertwined dragons, moments before it collapsed to the street.

Copenhagen police advised people to avoid the area, and fortunately, no injuries have been reported so far. There were individuals inside the building when the fire started, but everyone was safely evacuated.

Located just a few minutes walk from Christiansborg Palace, the Old Stock Exchange dates back to 1625 and was recently renovated. Denmark’s Culture Minister expressed sadness over the 400 years of cultural heritage that have been damaged by the fire.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce, based in the building, described the scene as “a terrible sight.” Emergency services were working to control the fire, which had spread to all floors through the lift shaft.

Machines were called to remove part of the copper roof to extinguish the fire, as water simply bounces off it. Valuable objects were rescued by firefighters inside the building.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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