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Cuba to Request US Processing of Non-Immigrant Visas and Restoration of ESTA Travel Authorization

Cuba is planning to ask the United States to resume granting non-immigrant visas in Havana and reestablish the ESTA permit for dual Cuban nationals and visitors to the island. This information was shared by Johana Tablada de la Torre, deputy director general of the United States General Directorate of MINREX, in a note that is currently being disseminated in the state media.

Cuba has set its priorities for the upcoming talks with the US. These priorities include reiterating the impact of the US blockade and coercive measures on migration. Cuba believes that these measures are the main reason for the migratory exodus and demands their lifting. Another priority is the resumption of non-immigrant visas in Havana. Cuba criticizes the fact that Cubans have to travel to third countries to apply for this type of visa, which affects families and encourages emigration.

Tablada de la Torre expressed that forcing people, including the elderly, to travel to a third country to apply for this type of visa when there is a US consulate in Havana open is unjustifiable. Another priority for Cuba in the talks is the respect for the right of third countries to visit Cuba. Cuba denounces the island’s inclusion on the list of sponsors of terrorism, which restricts visits by citizens of 41 countries.

Cuba also emphasizes the ineffectiveness of US immigration measures in 2023, stating that these measures have not stopped irregular migration and demanding a more comprehensive approach to address the root causes. Overall, Cuba urges the United States to adopt specific measures to facilitate legal and safe migration and eliminate barriers that hinder the normal flow of people between the two countries.

The migration talks between Cuba and the United States are expected to continue in the coming days, with the aim of reaching agreements that benefit both countries. The Cuban Directory will keep you updated on any developments.

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