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Cuban Authorities Clarify Mystery Surrounding Eggs with White Yolks

Some eggs delivered through the supply chain in Cuba have white yolks, causing concern among the population. Authorities have provided explanations for this unusual change.

In Sancti Spíritus, the inflation rate has driven the price of a carton of eggs to over 2,600 pesos in the informal market, making this essential food item inaccessible to many families except through state-regulated distribution.

Recently, a change in the diet of laying hens has surprised and speculated consumers as the eggs distributed showed yolks as white as the egg whites.

To address these concerns, Holy Spirit Radio consulted Alieski Guevara Molina, the general director of the Poultry Company in the province, who revealed that the color change in yolks was due to a modification in the birds’ diet from corn-based to rice-based since February 1st.

Guevara Molina assured that despite the noticeable change, the nutritional value and flavor of the eggs remain unaffected, maintaining the protein levels intact. He explained that only the pigmentation of the fatty acids changes. Additionally, he mentioned that the chickens returned to their usual corn-based diet on March 20, with the expectation that the yolks will regain their normal color in the next delivery.

The director denied the importation of eggs and emphasized the efforts of employees to ensure local production, with Sancti Spíritus being the first territory to achieve this.

In other parts of Cuba, such as Villa Clara, changes in the chickens’ diet have also caused problems. A shift to a new feeding formula based on husk rice led to a decrease in daily egg production, resulting in a shortage of eggs in the region.

Lázara Montes de Oca, the director of the Poultry Company in Villa Clara, acknowledged the situation and explained that the new formula did not provide the necessary nutrients for optimal production. Fortunately, the original formula has been fully restored, allowing egg production to return to normal in the coming weeks.

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