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Daughter of Severiano Ballesteros and Niece of Ana Botín Set to Take Center Stage in Highly Anticipated Wedding of the Year

Carmen Ballesteros Botín, daughter of Severiano Ballesteros and goddaughter of Ana Botín (president of Banco Santander), is about to go through the altar with Juan Diego García, a pharmacist with whom he has a romantic relationship for several years. Both will star in one of the most anticipated weddings of this year, whose celebration, according to what was reported by Vanitatis, will take place over the weekend of May 10 to 12 in Cantabria. As expected, this link has generated a great expectation to learn more about the bride.

Carmen Ballesteros Botín has always been considered as the apple of her father’s eye, Severiano Ballesteros, a professional golfer who died in May 2011. The athlete married Carmen Botín on November 25, 1988 and, 16 years later, specifically in 2004, they separated. Fruit of their marriage, their three children were born. Carmen, the youngest of the siblings, studied Marketing at The American International University in London and finished the race in 2018.

His first steps in the world of work were in the marketing department of Services of the Hugo Boss firm. At the moment, he works as a lifestyle manager in a specialized company and in rental of luxury planes, houses, and boats called Yûgen Group. Furthermore, he also gives golf lessons to hospitalized children with the help of the foundation that his father created before he died, whose benefits go to cancer research.

Although he did not decide to dedicate himself professionally to golf, the truth is that it is one of his passions. Just as it is also Cantabria, the land where his family has grown up and where, according to several media, the “yes, I want” will be said in less than a month. Through his social networks, he shares with his more than 15,000 followers everything he likes about his father’s homeland. Notably, her future husband also owns a pharmacy in the town of Muriedas, the capital of the municipality of Camargo, located seven kilometers from Santander.

Thanks to universe 2.0. You can also know that Carmen maintains an excellent relationship with his family. Especially with his aunt, Ana Botín, with whom he very often shares very special plans: “The bay with the south wind in the background and food with my mother and my uncles. Cantabrian anchovies and Galizano tomato.” What more could you ask for?” he wrote on his social networks in the summer of 2021.

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