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Daycare Center Teacher Threatened and Tied Children’s Hands

A teacher in Milan, northern Italy, has been placed under house arrest for physically and psychologically abusing at least ten children, some as young as one year old, in a daycare center. The teacher insulted, threatened, and attacked the children with violent shakes and by tying their hands and feet.

The arrest warrant was executed after investigations by local police confirmed the abuse incidents dating back to 2022. The 45-year-old teacher had worked at the nursery since 2008 and was accused of aggravated mistreatment.

Colleagues reported the teacher for violent behaviors and negligence, which included daily insults, threats, tying children’s hands and legs, and other forms of abuse. Video recordings from microcameras placed in the daycare center revealed disturbing behavior by the teacher, such as shaking the children to make them fall asleep and hitting their faces on the floor.

The judge who issued the house arrest order noted the teacher’s inability to show empathy towards the children, displaying constant distress and anger in her behavior. The children’s well-being was severely compromised by the teacher’s actions.

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