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Disney’s Strict New Policies Bar Certain Individuals From Entering Florida Park

Disney has announced strict measures against guests who misuse the Disabled Access Service (DAS). These sanctions could result in a permanent ban from entering their theme parks in the United States. The DAS program is designed to provide an inclusive experience for people with developmental disabilities who are unable to wait in long lines.

There have been modifications to the policies of the DAS program to accommodate individuals with non-visible disabilities like autism or multiple sclerosis. Guests can schedule a return time for a specific attraction and enjoy other activities in the park while waiting for their turn. The DAS does not provide immediate access to the attraction.

Visitors who require the DAS program can conduct an eligibility interview up to 30 days before their visit. Failure to complete this process truthfully may result in a permanent ban from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Any previously purchased tickets or passes will not be refunded.

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