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Documentary ‘Operation Hope’ Shines Light on Lost Children in the Amazon | Latest News Update

The documentary will premiere on the Amazon prime platform on April 26.

This is a documentary about the events that occurred on May 1, 2023 in the Guaviare jungle, in which four minors, between one and 13 years old, were lost in the middle of the Amazon, after the small plane in which they were traveling crashed. It was not until June 9 that the authorities found their whereabouts and they were found alive.

“A place where few humans venture and where it is believed that powerful spirits of the jungle exist,” reads the voice of Colombian singer Gloria “Goyo” Emilse Martínez, narrator of the trailer.

In total they spent 40 days alone in the jungle, and the documentary shows how the rescue operation developed, for which a group was formed that included members of the Army and members of the indigenous guard. The film includes the testimonies of those who lived through the search, such as the words of the director of the operation, General Pedro Sánchez, and the indigenous leader who found the children, Dairo Mucutuy. In addition, it includes the stories that the children themselves told their families.

Lesly Mucutuy, 13 years old; Soleiny Mucutuy, 9; Tien Noriel Ranoque Mucutuy, who turned 5 in the jungle, and baby Cristin Neriman Ranoque Mucutuy, who also turned one year old, were traveling in the plane accompanied by three adults who died in the fall, including his mother.

The search operations were led by the military and involved more than 100 Colombian special forces soldiers and more than 70 indigenous people who searched the area, believed to be one of the most remote and inhospitable areas in Colombia.

The story of the brothers was collected by the journalist Daniel Coronell, in the book ‘The Children of the Amazon’, in which he explored the mysteries that surrounded the tragedy, in which there were theories that said that the minors had been trapped by a goblin or that an older indigenous person, who after taking yagé (ayahuasca), fought to free them.

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