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Don’t Miss the Combination of Music and Comedy in an Amazon Prime Movie – Come and See

A breath of fresh and youthful air arrived on Amazon Prime Video with “Music“, a film written, starring, and directed by a promising young YouTuber.

The young talent behind this film is Rudy Mancuso, who portrays a version of himself as a Brazilian young man navigating the challenges of growing up in New Jersey.

While contemplating a future in art – which he expresses through puppetry on the subway – Rudy faces a relationship crisis with his current girlfriend (Francesca Reale) and encounters Isabella (Camila Mendes), a girl from Rio who adds excitement to his life.

Rudy’s unique trait is his synesthesia, which causes him to hear music in everyday sounds. The streets, a restaurant, or even a soccer game trigger musical compositions in his mind, resulting in distractions.

“Music” incorporates elements of choreography reminiscent of the group Stomp, adding a musical touch without delving into full-fledged song performances by the main characters.

Rudy’s interactions with his traditionalist mother (portrayed by his real-life mother, María Mancuso) and well-meaning but questionable advice from his friend Anwar (JB Smoove), who operates a food cart, bring warmth and humor to the story.

This romantic comedy blends coming-of-age themes with fresh humor, offering an enjoyable viewing experience that resonates with families and viewers seeking light-hearted entertainment.

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