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‘Dragonkeeper: Guardiana de Dragones’ aims to conquer over 1,700 screens as the most ambitious Spanish animated film of the year – Breaking Film News

With a budget of 24 million euros, the film is directed by Salvador Simó (Buñuel and the Island of the Turtles).

We go back to the dark times of imperial China, a world in which dragons existed, wise creatures and friends of human beings, although now persecuted and locked in dungeons. In a remote town located in the mountains, a girl becomes the unexpected ally of the last of the dragons helping him break out of prison and joining him on a mission to recover a valuable treasure, the last dragon egg. This treasure has been stolen by an evil sorcerer with the intention of exploiting all the magical potential of the object and thus achieving the much appreciated immortality.

An animated co-production between Spain and China arrives exclusively in theaters on April 19, Dragonkeeper, adaptation of the first of the six novels in the literary saga of the same name by the Australian writer Carole Wilkins and presented in the Official Selection of the last Malaga Festival. The film is directed by four hands between the Spanish Salvador Simó (Buñuel in the turtle labyrinth) and the Chinese Jianping Li.

Dragonkeeper is an eminently family film and a huge blockbuster, with a budget of 24 million euros. In the United States and Canada it will have a major theatrical release with the aim of reach more than 1700 screens: an ambitious challenge to convey the best of our animation, which lately is in better condition than ever, thanks, for example, to films as wonderful as Robot Dreams or Unicorn Wars.

We have already announced that one of the directors of the film, Salvador Simó, debuted on the big screen with a very well received animated film, Buñuel and the island of the turtles. In 2019, this film received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the Goya Award for Best Animated Film, the award for Best Animated Film at the European Film Awards and the Platinum Awards, in addition to being shortlisted for the 2020 Oscars. The director has a long career in animation and visual effects, having worked on films such as Passengers, The Jungle Book or in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

So now you know: if you want move with your little ones to imperial China and discover this fantastic Dragon Guardian points out the April 19 on the agenda: We may be facing one of the most important premieres of our cinema in 2024.

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