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Dulce Discovers Kidney Tumor, Faces Possible Loss of Organ

MEXICO CITY, April 15 – The health of the singer Dulce has become a topic of conversation among her followers, this after she canceled, at the last minute, the concert she had scheduled on March 16 in the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City due to strong unrest.

Although no further details were given at that time, days later the interpreter herself decided to break the silence and revealed that the doctors had detected a tumor, so she would soon have to undergo surgery.

This afternoon, the hosts of the program “Ventaneando” assured that Dulce would have entered the operating room this weekend, and although her medical team managed to remove the mass, unfortunately, one of her kidneys was also removed.

The broadcast confirmed that the operation was performed on April 13 and, fortunately, it was a complete success, so the artist was only waiting for a medical discharge to go home, where she will finish her recovery.

However, not everything was good news, since the host Pati Chapoy confessed that, along with the tumor, they also had to remove a kidney: “We understand that with the tumor, one of the kidneys also came out, but fortunately he is very well. Sweet,” he said.

The information has not been confirmed by the singer or her family or anyone on her work team; But everything seems to indicate that this afternoon she left the clinic where she was admitted, since she shared a photo of her on her Instagram in which she appears in a car.

Dulce’s health problems began almost a month ago, due to intense pain in her lower back.


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