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El Hormiguero: Álvaro Morte Discloses Pablo Motos’ Thalassophobia on the Show, Admitting, “It Terrifies Me”

After the athlete’s visit on Monday, Ana Peleteiro, Pablo Motos received actor Álvaro Morte on Tuesday in ‘The Anthill’ to discuss his upcoming film ‘Inmaculate’, which will be released in theaters on May 1. The horror thriller is set in a convent in the Italian countryside.

Pablo Motos started the interview by asking Álvaro Morte about the plot of ‘Inmaculate’. The film tells the story of Sister Cecilia, played by Sydney Sweeney, who is accepted into a congregation in Italy and becomes pregnant without having had any contact with a man, causing chaos in the convent. Álvaro Morte plays a priest who is also a biologist in the film and shared insights about his character’s perspective.

Álvaro Morte joined the project thanks to Sydney Sweeney, who offered him the role after meeting at an event in Madrid. The actor discussed how he got involved in the film and the process of being selected for the role.

Álvaro Morte presents ‘Inmaculate’ in ‘El Hormiguero’

Álvaro Morte and Pablo Motos discussed the challenges of being an actor, including facing rejection and uncertainty in the industry. The actor shared his perspective on the nature of the profession and the importance of being prepared for the ups and downs of the industry.

Álvaro Morte tells in ‘El Hormiguero’ what the actor’s life is like

Álvaro Morte shared his experiences of dealing with rejection in the industry and how he copes with not getting certain roles. He also expressed his love for horror films and the thrill of making them.

Pablo Motos questioned Álvaro Morte about his character ‘The Professor’ from ‘La casa de papel’ and whether it followed him to Italy while filming ‘Inmaculate’. The actor discussed the impact of his popular role and the warm reception he received while filming in Italy.

Álvaro Morte reveals that he has a phobia of the sea

Álvaro Morte opened up about his fear of the sea, known as thalasophobia, and shared his reluctance to venture into deep waters. The actor discussed his fear of the sea and how it affects him personally.

Petancas and Barrancas pay tribute to grandparents with Álvaro Morte

Petancas and Barrancas pay tribute to grandparents with Álvaro Morte

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