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Elise Finch Net Worth

Elise Finch Net Worth

Elise Finch: A Tribute to a Beloved Meteorologist

Elise Finch: A Tribute to a Beloved Meteorologist

The sudden passing of Elise Finch, a renowned meteorologist for CBS New York, has left a profound void in the hearts of her colleagues, viewers, and the broader community. At the age of 51, Finch’s life was unexpectedly cut short, and she was pronounced dead at a local hospital in New York. Her death was announced by the CBS station WCBS on a somber Sunday evening, leaving many in shock and sorrow.

Elise Finch had been a stalwart at CBS-New York’s Channel 2, where she dedicated 16 years of her career, starting in 2007. Known for her professionalism and warmth, Finch was not just a meteorologist but a cherished member of the community, particularly in her hometown of Mount Vernon.

Professional Journey and Community Impact

Elise Finch’s career at WCBS-TV began as a weekend meteorologist and saw her rise through the ranks to become a key figure in the weekday morning news team. Her last appearance was on the 9 a.m. newscast, a segment she had joined just the previous September. Finch was celebrated not only for her accurate weather forecasts but also for her engaging presence that resonated well with her audience.

Outside the studio, Finch was deeply involved in her community. She was known for her active participation in local events and her efforts to engage with the people of Mount Vernon. Her commitment to community service made her a beloved figure, and her sudden departure has left a palpable gap in the community fabric.

Personal Life and Legacy

Elise Finch was a devoted mother to her daughter Grace and a loving wife to Graig Henriques, a photojournalist at WCBS. Her family was her world, and she balanced her demanding career with her role as a supportive family member seamlessly. Colleagues and friends often spoke of her fierce loyalty and dedication to her loved ones.

Her passing has prompted an outpouring of tributes from those who knew her personally and professionally. Co-anchor Jessica Moore expressed her deep affection and respect for Finch on air, highlighting her straight-shooting style and her ability to bring laughter and joy into the lives of those around her.

Remembering Elise Finch

A celebration of life service was held at Macedonia Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, where friends, family, and colleagues gathered to honor the memory of Elise Finch. The service was a heartfelt tribute to her life and legacy, with colleagues like Dave Carlin and Maurice Dubois sharing fond memories of working with Finch. They praised her grace and professionalism, which were evident both on and off the screen.

In a touching gesture, the Mayor of Mount Vernon, Shawyn Patterson-Howard, announced that a tree would be planted in the city in memory of Finch. This act symbolizes the community’s desire to keep her legacy alive and underscores the impact Finch had on her hometown.


The loss of Elise Finch is not just a loss to the broadcasting community but to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. Her legacy as a skilled meteorologist, a community advocate, and a devoted family woman continues to inspire. As tributes continue to pour in, it is clear that Elise Finch’s spirit will continue to influence and touch lives, just as she did during her remarkable life.

FAQs about Elise Finch

  • How long did Elise Finch work at CBS?
    Elise Finch worked at CBS for 16 years, starting her career there in 2007.
  • What was Elise Finch known for?
    Elise Finch was known for her accurate weather forecasting, engaging on-air presence, and deep commitment to community service.
  • Who survives Elise Finch?
    Elise Finch is survived by her daughter Grace and her husband Graig Henriques.
  • How did Elise Finch contribute to her community?
    Elise Finch was actively involved in her local community, participating in various events and initiatives in Mount Vernon.
  • Will there be any memorial for Elise Finch?
    A tree will be planted in Mount Vernon in memory of Elise Finch, and her legacy will be celebrated with various tributes.

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