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Elsina Khayrova, Tom Cruise’s Ex, Reportedly Seeking Revenge Following Separation

Tom Cruise would have made a serious mistake by dating the Russian socialite, Elsina Khayrova. After a few months of relationship, there are sources who claim that the socialite feels aggrieved by the way the relationship ended and would be willing to reveal embarrassing details about the multi-award-winning actor.

According to reports, Tom Cruise seemed very in love with the 36-year-old model until her ex-husband, the tycoon Dmitry Tsvetkov, made a series of unfortunate comments about his ex-wife’s relationship. In an interview, Tsvetkov warned Cruise to “Keep your eyes and wallet open.” He boasted that he gave her more than $12 million in clothes and spent another $2.5 million on handbags while they were married and had two children. Additionally, he complained that during the divorce, she “snatched $200 million dollars.”

“Regardless of who she is with, Tom Cruise or anyone else, they should be aware that she likes the finer things in life and that she has expensive and luxurious tastes,” Tsvetkov added.

These statements and the lack of intimacy in the relationship would have ‘scared’ Cruise to break up with Khayrova after only two months of relationship and, apparently the breakup did not happen on good terms, so she feels furious. Sources claim that she is furious at being dumped so arrogantly.

At the beginning of the year, Tom Cruise seemed to have regained faith in love when he started dating the Russian socialite, but the relationship ended at the end of March, a few days after they had been spotted together at different parties in London.

However, the long interview upset everyone around the actor, who is filming. Sources revealed that he couldn’t tolerate her ex-husband saying negative things about him in the press every few weeks. Meanwhile, Tsvetkov joked that it would have been possible for Cruise to play him in a biographical film, expressing that he would be honored if that could happen.

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