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Enola Holmes 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date Updates and Other Details

Enola Holmes 3: What We Know So Far

As the anticipation builds for the third installment of the Enola Holmes series, fans are eager to gather every piece of information about the upcoming film. Following the success of the first two movies, Netflix is poised to continue the adventures of the young detective, with Millie Bobby Brown reprising her role as Enola Holmes.

Expected Release Date

While Netflix has not officially confirmed the release date for Enola Holmes 3, industry insiders speculate a potential premiere around late 2024. This estimation aligns with the release pattern of the previous films, which saw the first movie released in September 2020 and the sequel in November 2022. However, with the production details still under wraps, fans might have to wait a bit longer for concrete information.

Millie Bobby Brown, busy with other projects including the final season of Stranger Things, might influence the scheduling. Once her current commitments conclude, production for Enola Holmes 3 is expected to ramp up, potentially eyeing a release in late 2024 or early 2025.

Cast and Crew

The core cast from the previous films is expected to return, with Millie Bobby Brown leading as Enola Holmes. Henry Cavill is anticipated to reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes, alongside other returning characters such as Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury, and Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes. The involvement of other recurring characters and new additions will likely be confirmed as the production progresses.

Director Harry Bradbeer and writer Jack Thorne, who were instrumental in the success of the first two films, are also expected to return, ensuring the continuation of the series’ charm and wit.

Plot Speculations

While the specifics of the plot remain undisclosed, the ending of Enola Holmes 2 set the stage for further adventures. With Enola establishing her own detective agency and the escape of Moriarty, played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster, the storyline has ample opportunities to delve into new mysteries and challenges for Enola. The dynamic between Enola and her famous brother Sherlock could also explore new depths, especially with the addition of Dr. John Watson to the narrative.

The third film might continue to diverge from Nancy Springer’s original book series, introducing original stories that fit the characters’ development in the film series. Fans can expect a blend of suspense, emotion, and the signature Holmes deductive prowess.

Production Updates

As of now, details about the start of production for Enola Holmes 3 are scarce. Netflix has confirmed that the screenplay is in development, but no official filming dates have been announced. The production schedule will likely depend on the availability of key cast members and the completion of the script.

Netflix’s commitment to the Enola Holmes franchise remains strong, with executives expressing excitement about expanding this beloved universe. The success of the previous films has established a solid fanbase, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Enola’s story.


Enola Holmes 3 is shaping up to be another exciting chapter in the young detective’s life. With a blend of mystery, character development, and the continuation of Enola’s journey in the detective world, the film promises to captivate audiences once again. As we await further announcements, the anticipation only grows stronger among the fans of this dynamic detective series.


When is Enola Holmes 3 expected to release?
While not officially confirmed, Enola Holmes 3 is speculated to release around late 2024 or early 2025.

Will Millie Bobby Brown return as Enola Holmes?
Yes, Millie Bobby Brown is set to reprise her role as Enola Holmes in the upcoming sequel.

What can we expect in terms of the plot for Enola Holmes 3?
The plot is expected to continue from where Enola Holmes 2 left off, with Enola running her detective agency and possibly facing Moriarty as a central antagonist.

Are there any new characters expected in Enola Holmes 3?
While the main cast is expected to return, new characters might be introduced as the storyline develops.

Where can I watch the previous Enola Holmes movies?
Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 are available for streaming on Netflix.

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