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Ethel Pozo Expresses Anger, Reveals Conditions for Forgiving Natalie Vértiz: Yaco Eskenazi Video Coverage in Showbiz Shows

She is furious. Ethel Pozo used minutes of her program, ‘América hoy’, to talk about the comments she made Natalie Vértiz on Saturday, April 13 at ‘Whoever sends’. As recalled, Vértiz jokingly commented that he thought it was strange that Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter would be surprised when she saw Jefferson Farfán’s mansion.

“Listen, funny Ethel, how you are surprised by La Foca’s house, when your house is the same size, I think,” indicated Yaco Eskenazi’s partner. He also added that Ethel has enough money to buy a Disney World pass: “I’ve been listening to Ethel that she doesn’t go to Disney, that she doesn’t pay for a fast pass, of course she pays, she pays for a mega pass, she goes straight through the lines at Disney.”

Ethel Pozo, angry, admits that she would forgive Natalie Vértiz with one condition: “This morning I am not happy because people lied on national television, a person who said they were my friend lied. “You can’t lie about your friends, enough holding on to a punching bag,” said Ethel Pozo this Monday, April 15, visibly angry.

Jean Paul Santa María wanted to put a cold shoulder to the situation and advised her that they both fix their situation because of the friendship they have had for a few years: “Hopefully they can mend this and fix their friendship.”

Ethel responded instantly that she does have a condition to forgive the one she considered her friend for several years: “The only way would be for him to publicly accept that he lied, because I don’t forgive.”

Ethel Pozo attacks Natalie Vértiz


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