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Ethel Pozo severs ties with Yaco and Natalie amidst controversy in showbiz video: ‘No longer a punching bag’ | SHOWS

Oh no! Ethel Pozo made an appearance on her show América Hoy and revealed that she has ended her friendship with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi, who was her TV partner for many years on “My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours.” The host emphasized that she cannot lie on national television.

Ethel Pozo accuses Natalia Vértiz of not being her friend, stating, “This morning I am not happy because people lied on national television, a person who said they were my friend lied. You can’t lie about your friends, enough holding on to a punching bag.”

Given this, Jean Paul Santa María asked her if she still considers them a friend, to which Gisela’s daughter responded bluntly, “Until yesterday.”

Natalie Vértiz confronts Ethel after being surprised at Jefferson Farfán’s house. (Composition)

Natalie Vértiz confronted Ethel Pozo on her program ‘You are in all’ on Saturday, April 13, after Ethel presented a preview of the video of an interview with former soccer player Jefferson Farfán at his home on the show “América Hoy.”

In the preview, Ethel showed surprise at Farfán’s mansion, prompting Vértiz to question her, pointing out that Ethel’s residence is the same size or even larger than the athlete’s: “Listen, funny Ethel, how she is surprised by La Foca’s house, when her house is the same size, I think.”

Vértiz also mentioned, “I’ve been listening to Ethel saying that she doesn’t go to Disney, that she doesn’t pay for a fast pass, of course she pays, she pays for a mega pass, she goes straight through the lines at Disney. I’ve already realized it, friend, how can you do it, right? How funny, my friend Ethel.”

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