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Ethel Pozo Unleashes Fury on Natalie Vértiz, Accusing Her of Lying: “She Doesn’t Know My House, Nor Did I Go to Disney, Plop!” | Entertainment Video | SHOWS

Ethel Pozo responded to Natalie Vértiz after being questioned about her surprise over Jefferson Farfán’s house and being referred to as ‘misia’ for not buying a Disney fast pass. Pozo denied the claims made by Vértiz and clarified that she does not buy fast passes like her. She also emphasized that Vértiz’s accusations were false and based on lies.

Natalie Vértiz confronted Ethel Pozo on a show, accusing her of lying about not buying a fast pass for Disney. Pozo defended herself by stating that Vértiz’s claims were unfounded and that she had never been to her house or paid for a Disney fast pass like Vértiz.

In response to the allegations, Ethel Pozo sent a message to Natalie Vértiz, stating that she does not flaunt her financial situation and preferred not to discuss expensive trips like Disney fast passes. She clarified that while she acknowledges her privilege, she does not feel the need to boast about it.

Overall, Ethel Pozo refuted Natalie Vértiz’s claims and defended herself against the accusations made on the show, emphasizing that the accusations were unfounded and based on false information. The controversy between the two personalities continues to unfold.

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