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Eva Mendes Wows Fans by Revealing Ryan Gosling’s Authentic Latin Accent

Faithful and proud of their Latin roots, the family of Eva Mendes seems to have positively influenced her husband Ryan Gosling as the same actress boasted through her social networks.

The protagonist of successful films such as Hitch y The Place Beyond the Pines She used her Instagram account to share a video of the most recent participation of her daughters’ father, Esmeralda y Amanda in the iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

In the clip, Gosling is seen impersonating an American who has two friends, one Dominican and the other Cuban. As he himself explains, his friendships and marriage make him feel like he is Latino since he speaks broken Spanish and speaks English with a Cuban accent.

Episode 1861 — Pictured: (L-R) Kenan Thompson, host Ryan Gosling, Sarah Sherman and Marcello Hernández during the “Can’t Tonight” sketch on Saturday, April 13, 2024.
Will Heath/NBC via Getty Images

“A Cuban wife can change you, I tell you, I used to talk like: hot dog, hamburger, Patagonia but now I speak like a Cuban daddy,” said the protagonist of Barbie when the waitress asked what nationality the three of them were.

Satisfied with her husband’s acting work, Mendes commented: “Damn! My Cuban daddy made this Cuban mommy so happy with this! Years of being with my dad paid off.”

“Thanks to the super talented Marcelo Hernandez for this sketch. The way you say “Eva Mendes”! AND Kenan Thompson always overwhelming. “I can’t wait for the next reunion of this trio,” he added.

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It should be remembered that the actor was on everyone’s lips this weekend due to his introductory monologue in the show he presented for the third time. He said he was there to promote his new movie Fall Guys con Emily Blunt and that he had already finished with his character of Ken, but he did not stop singing and dancing.

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