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Luis Font was one of the Spanish singers and dancers who founded the musical group “Locomía” along with his brother Xavier. Despite his fame over 30 years ago, Luis now sings in the streets of the Spanish capital to make a living.

In an interview for the ‘Socialité’ program, Luis mentioned that he initially felt stage fright when he started singing on the streets, despite having performed in front of large crowds in the past. He expressed gratitude for the support he receives from people who not only contribute financially but also show love and admiration.

Luis also shared that singing in the streets has helped him reconnect with music and the public. He emphasized that he has found a supportive community and feels grateful for the help he receives, stating that he can’t deny his true self and will always be a performer, whether on the subway or elsewhere.

Recently, a tweet revealed that Luis Font, a famous singer from Locomía, is now singing in the subway to survive during the crisis. The tweet highlighted the contrast between singing in large auditoriums in the past and now performing in a subway station.

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