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Famous Nominees Facing Elimination: Who They Are and Why They’re on the Brink

The House of the Famous Colombia It’s one of the reality shows most watched in the country and the episode tonight this Sunday, April 14, promises to be interesting. Eight of the participants run the risk of being eliminated.

Martha Isabel Bolaños, La Segura, Karen Sevillano, Isabella Santiago, Tania Valencia and Omar Murillo are at risk of elimination.

The actress Martha Isabel Bolaños and the influencers Karen Sevillano and La Segura could not compete to save themselves from reaching the elimination stage because They were nominated for verbal aggression that exceeded the limits of respect.

The actor Julián Trujillo was the winner of the salvation test of the week. Another of those saved was Juan Camilo Pulgarín, because the Pantera leader decided to give the new player a chance to continue in the program.

The participant who obtains the fewest votes will be the tenth eliminated from this reality show.

Subscribers to ViX Premium, a platform through which reality shows are broadcast 24 hours a day, can use nine additional votes. To do this, after casting your first vote through the website you will be able to access the ‘Continue voting’ option. This way you can help your favorite celebrity stay on the reality show


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