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FARD Officer Accused of Raping Haitian Minor

He would have been a member of the Dominican Air Force (FARD) and not an agent of the General Directorate of Migration. As stated at the beginning, the man who allegedly raped a Haitian minor on the 5th at his residence on Ensanche Bulevar, former Kosovo sector, in Punta Cana province of La Altagracia, was informed to this reporter by a fully credible source.

As the investigations progress, they indicate that the alleged attack was committed by a single person, who at the time of perpetrating the incident was wearing a guard and a balaclava hat. Immigration agents don’t use those types of changing rooms when carrying out their operations.

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The report, filed by the victim’s mother, indicates that the minor was alone since her parents had gone to work. She received threats from her rapist not to reveal what happened to anyone.

The general director of Migration, Venancio Alcantara reported that they have collaborated with the authorities and provided full personnel to the Higüey prosecutor’s office during the intervention process. He also said that he provided lists, data and documents in collaboration with the Bávaro Gender Violence Unit where they continue with the investigations and remain in constant communication with the prosecutor in charge Rocío García in the event of any developments.

He specified that under his management he will not allow any type of situations nor will they have compassion for the culprits if they are from his institution since the case has generated great condemnation by society.

The spokesperson and director of Strategy and Communication of the Presidency, Homero Figueroa, reiterated that the incident will not go unpunished and the Government will do everything possible to identify and bring to justice those who committed the attack.

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