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Fatal sequence of shots and hit-and-run claim man’s life

A 38-year-old man was murdered in the city of Lumberton in North Carolina in a sequence of shots that ended with a brutal fatal hit-and-run which was filmed by a witness.

The victim was identified as Jonathan Adam Lecompte who tried to resist the alleged theft of a car by another man, identified as Ricky Alex Driggers, 28 years old, who drove a tow truck.

Police information seems to explain the video that went viral on social networks, where Lecompte approached Driggers with a gun in the middle of a street with traffic partly stopped, in front of a Burger King location.

Lecompte shot Driggers four times, who sought refuge inside his vehicle. The driver then backed away, and the situation seemed to be calming down. There were several witnesses, but no one was disturbed by the shooting.

However, Driggers returned to the fray, accelerated in his truck, and violently attacked Lecompte, who flew through the air due to the deadly collision.

At that moment, screams of despair were heard as Driggers tried to escape, and Lecompte’s body lay lifeless on the ground.

Although the incident went viral this weekend, it actually occurred last month.

Police authorities charged the driver with first-degree murder, two other counts of attempted robbery, theft of a vehicle, and one more charge for his attempted escape.

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