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Father Alberto Reyes Accuses Cuban Government of Ignoring Realities Faced by Citizens

The Cuban priest Alberto Reyes has accused the government of being disconnected from the reality of the people and indifferent to their problems, shortcomings, and sufferings. He believes that the government is incapable of providing the conditions for a minimally decent life for its citizens.

Father Reyes, who is known for his outspoken criticism of the dictatorship, has been vocal about the crisis in Cuba and the responsibilities that both the government and citizens must shoulder. Despite the bleak situation, he remains hopeful, citing recent peaceful demonstrations in Cuba as signs of new voices demanding freedom.

In a recent post shared on his Facebook profile, Father Reyes lamented the disconnect between the government’s triumphalist propaganda and the harsh realities faced by the Cuban people. He described a government that has lost touch with the needs, aspirations, and hopes of its citizens, emphasizing the urgent need for change.

He highlighted the ongoing struggle between those seeking freedom and the oppressive forces trying to suppress them, drawing attention to the bravery and resilience of those standing up against injustice in Cuba. He expressed optimism about the emergence of new voices and gestures demanding the desired freedom for the Cuban people.

Father Reyes stressed the importance of a pluralistic political landscape in a new Cuba, free from authoritarian leadership. He acknowledged the mistakes made in the past but also celebrated the tradition of heroism among the Cuban people, which continues to inspire hope for a better future.

Despite the challenges and obstacles faced by the Cuban people, Father Reyes remains hopeful that the voices of change and freedom will prevail, likening them to new sprouts of life emerging from a once desolate landscape. He sees these voices as essential in the fight against tyranny and as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Cuban people.

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