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Félix “El Cano” Delgado Already in Prison

The convicted former mayor of Cataño, Felix “El Cano” Delgado entered the Federal Correctional Institution, Bennettsville, in South Carolina, yesterday to begin serving his one-year prison sentence for government corruption.

He voluntarily surrendered before the court-indicated date of May 13 for his entry registration.

The minimum security camp currently houses 89 inmates.

On March 13, the presiding judge of the Federal District Court, Raúl Arias Marxuach, sentenced the former mayor, stating that the victims in the corruption case were the people of Cataño and its citizens, many of whom live below the poverty line.

Before his sentencing, Delgado expressed regret for accepting bribes from businessmen in exchange for contracts at the city hall. Along with his one-year prison term, Delgado will also serve three years of supervised release, complete 150 hours of community service, and pay a $20,000 fine.

Delgado was the one who exposed a scheme of illegal activities in various municipalities involving businessmen like Oscar Santamaria, Mario Villegas, Raymond Rodriguez, and Jose Bou. They were involved in paying bribes to mayors in exchange for securing contracts for their companies and all pleaded guilty for their actions.

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