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Ficci 2024 to Premiere Documentary on Activist Francia Márquez


The documentary Igualada, directed by Juan Mejía Botero, follows the journey of Vice President Francia Márquez from her early days as a rural activist to her successful presidential campaign in 2022. The film will have its premiere in Colombia during the 2024 edition of the Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (FICCI) on April 19.

After its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, IGUALADA aims to raise awareness about the struggles of numerous women leaders who risk their lives daily to create a more just and dignified country.

In addition, it challenges the negative connotations associated with the term EQUALADA, which is often used to label someone who asserts their rights and privileges.

Francia Márquez, the vice president and Minister of Equality and Equity, describes the documentary as a powerful story among many others of courageous individuals who have dedicated themselves to bringing about vital changes in the country.

The premiere will be accompanied by the release of the song Igualada, performed by singer-songwriter Isabel Ramírez Ocampo, La Muchacha. The song’s lyrics reflect the resilience and bravery of a people facing challenges, resonating with Márquez’s message.

Screenings of Igualada will take place on April 19 at the Adolfo Mejía Theater – TAM, on April 20 at Barrio el Pozón, Las Pilanderas Cultural Center, and on April 21 at Cine Colombia Bocagrande – Room 1.

The film is set to be theatrically released in Colombia in August 2024, with distribution by BRIOSA FILMS, an independent Colombian film distributor. It will be shown in various cities across the country, in both commercial and independent theaters, as well as in community circuits in regions with limited access to cinema.

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