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Fight over $80 ends in brutal machete attack in Miami

The Miami police arrested a man on Monday who was suspected of attacking two victims with a machete during a dispute over 80 dollars. Orestes Romeo, 54, was detained inside his car for aggravated assault that took place near the 2000 block of Northwest 37th Street in Miami.

One of the victims, Raimundo Pérez, suffered a head laceration and was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital. The second victim, Victor Verhondo, witnessed an argument over money between Romeu and Pérez at Pérez’s house.

Verhondo stated that the argument escalated, leading Romeu to grab a machete from his truck and attack Pérez, injuring both victims. Verhondo intervened, disarmed Romeu, and called the police.

Romeu was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is currently detained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bail. In a separate incident in Miami, a man murdered his roommate over a dispute involving just one dollar.

The attacker, Brandon Carlos Grant, was arrested for second-degree murder after a struggle ensued when Grant became angry that his partner did not give him a dollar. Grant claimed that the victim asked him to stop because he feared for his life.

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