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Film Director Clarifies Why Deadpool & Wolverine Movie May Not Be Considered as Deadpool 3

Marvel Studios has updated the release schedule for its upcoming films, and one of the most anticipated movies is the third installment of Deadpool set to hit theaters in 2024. This film will not only mark the return of director Shawn Levy and actor Ryan Reynolds after their collaboration on Free Guy in 2021 but also bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, a character he previously bid farewell to in 2017.

Deadpool & Wolverine promises to be a unique cinematic event, bringing together the foul-mouthed mercenary Deadpool and the iconic X-Men member Wolverine for the first time. Director Shawn Levy has hinted that this movie will be different from its predecessors, focusing more on the character journey of both Deadpool and Wolverine.

In crafting the story for Deadpool & Wolverine, Levy expressed his excitement to work with two massive movie stars in their most iconic roles. He emphasized that this film will not simply be a sequel but rather a different adventure featuring the two beloved characters.

While the plot details of Deadpool & Wolverine are still kept under wraps, it is expected to be an action-packed buddy movie with a touch of humor. The official synopsis teases a mid-life crisis for Deadpool who is forced to team up with Wolverine to save their friends, family, and the world.

In addition to Reynolds and Jackman, the film will feature returning cast members Morena Baccarin as Vanessa and Stefan Kapicic as Colossus. Emma Corrin, known for her role in The Crown, will make her Marvel debut as the villain Cassandra Nova, while Jennifer Garner reprises her role as Elektra. With the acquisition of X-Men rights by Disney, fans can expect to see more familiar faces from the Fox era in the film.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to premiere in theaters on July 25th, promising an exciting and action-packed experience for fans of both characters and the Marvel universe.

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