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Filming for Season 2 of ‘Peacemaker’ has officially commenced, solidifying James Gunn’s status as a true superhero in the realm of television.

James Gunn shows no signs of slowing down after taking on the role of the creative director of the new DC universe. In recent months, he has been actively involved in the filming and writing of projects under the Distinguished Competition alongside Peter Safran.

On February 29, Gunn announced the start of principal photography for his ‘Superman Legacy’ project, which will now be titled ‘Superman’. He shared an image on Instagram revealing the emblem that the Kryptonian protagonist will wear on his chest, reminiscent of Kingdom Come.

Now, Gunn has shared a photo of the chrome helmet of the titular antihero to announce the beginning of filming for the second season of ‘The Peacemaker’. The filming officially started on Sunday, with a pre-shoot taking place last Saturday.

James Gunn has mentioned that he directed the first day of filming and will direct several episodes of the new season, showing his commitment to the project despite his busy schedule with ‘Superman’ still in progress.

Currently, there is no confirmed release date for the second season of ‘The Peacemaker’, but fans can expect more updates in the future.

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