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Filming for Season 2 of ‘Peacemaker’ is Underway, Affirming James Gunn’s Superhero Status

James Gunn shows no signs of slowing down after taking on the role of creative director for the new DC universe. Despite his responsibilities, Gunn is actively involved in the filming and writing process of the project.

Recently, Gunn announced the start of principal photography for ‘Superman’, previously known as ‘Superman Legacy’. He shared an image of the emblem that the Kryptonian hero will wear on his chest, similar to the one from Kingdom Come.

Now, Gunn has revealed that the second season of ‘The Peacemaker’ is in the works. He posted a picture of the chrome helmet of the titular antihero, indicating that filming has begun. Although the official filming started on Sunday, a pre-shoot took place on Saturday.

James Gunn will be directing several episodes of the new season, demonstrating his commitment to both projects. Despite the ongoing work on ‘Superman’, Gunn remains dedicated to maintaining the quality of the series.

As of now, there is no release date set for the second season of ‘The Peacemaker’. Fans can expect further updates on the show in the future.

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