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Final Days to Catch One of the Best Horror Films of the Decade on Amazon Prime Video: A Wildly Fun and Unpredictable Madness

Zach Cregger made his solo directorial debut with a huge surprise full of terror, bad temper and coal-black humor. Few things are more appreciated when facing a feature film, especially in these times when trailers and promotional campaigns opt for merciless destruction in front of an audience that is less open to going off the beaten path. A production that bets on surprising without restraints and leaves you rooted in your seat with a gesture of stupefaction mixed with a smile is truly a gem.

Along with the more traditional thriller, horror may be the genre most likely to offer disconcerting experiences. Last year, we received a little gem called ‘Barbarian’, the solo directorial debut of Zach Cregger. It introduced a mixture of suspense, common terror, and a plot twist that was insane and unexpected, crowned by a good dose of pitch-black humor. It was one of the best films in its genre and a model entertainment.

Perhaps one of the most striking things about the film is the way it takes the maxim about script and dramatic structure that ensures a mid-point must completely change the story. The film begins as a tense exercise in bottled suspense with strangers keeping secrets, but it soon gets out of hand in a second half worthy of applause. ‘Barbarian’ plays with familiar elements of the genre and projects them onto the screen with fresh, wild, and hilarious twists.

It is a production that should be experienced without any spoilers, and its trailers ensured that. With a tight 110-minute runtime, starring Georgina Campbell as a scream queen, ‘Barbarian’ is executed with notable technical finesse. It provides a good bad time ideal for a weekend movie session. If you want to enjoy this delicacy, you have until April 25th, when it leaves the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

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