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Finding the Right Charity: A Guide to Fulfilling Giving and Ensuring Legitimacy

Finding the Right Charity: A Guide to Fulfilling Giving and Ensuring Legitimacy

Donating your money, time, or other things to charity is overwhelmingly fulfilling and a perfect way to support all those who require it around you. However, how can one find the proper charity? Moreover, just as significantly, how can one be sure whether a charity is legitimate?

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Looking For the Right Charity

Despite our sincere love for fauna, we still may wonder, what is one of those things that set a human apart from an animal? And this is the ability to endorse empathy for others and participate in charity donations. If you have a desire to find the proper charity, you need to begin by considering what specific cause you want to help.

Do you wish to support a school you used to go to or some certain community? As a rule, all community organizations and schools have reference links to donations on their websites. Some websites are dedicated to charity causes, and you may find there a complete list of charities in the location where you live.

On the other hand, maybe, you are more focused on a cause instead of a certain location. Many charities coincide with your interests, whether it is wildlife protection, assistance with a natural disaster, or anything like that.

As an option, you may donate on personal grounds. Perhaps you have a friend who lost a job and has issues with an apartment flood. Or maybe, you know some family where a child requires immediate support due to some serious medical condition? Even if your only support is not enough, you may always muster everyone you know trying to improve the situation. However, by doing this, you must be careful since sometimes, it is hard to figure out whether a campaign is legitimate or not.

Figuring Out the Legitimacy of a Charity

Among many worthy charities, you may always get across some scammers who represent themselves as ones of proper charity members, while, in reality, they are not, or charities assuring that they exist for a cause where its leaders are more interested in advantages for themselves.

When someone applies to you for a donation, no matter whether it is by phone, online, or in person — just consider taking a closer look before you donate. Try to do some research. Find if there is any website related to a cause, read recent news and feedback; inquire how they are going to use donations.

As an alternative, look for a charity organization in a special database with registered charities. Some of the most popular ones are, Great Nonprofits, and Charity Navigator. These websites contain reviews, ratings, feedback, and summaries about different charities.

After all, just trust your gut. Your life experience and background, together with logical reasoning, will not give swindlers a chance.

How to Donate

Cash is not the only option to contribute to a cause. Donations of food, your time, your specific skills, clothing, blankets, or any other items are as important as money. For instance, you can help at a soup kitchen, knit garments for babies in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), or clean a nearby river of garbage. The possibilities are unlimited.

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