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“Finito” Set to Return to Television Next Week

Last Monday, April 8, during the premiere of the new season of “The TeleOnce vault” from the Guaynabo Fine Arts Center there was a big absentee, the presenter Luis Fontanez. “Finite” as is known in the entertainment industry, he did not expect that a health mishap would keep him in a hospital institution for a week.

Fontánez, who was replaced by his colleagues Danilo Beauchamp and Pepe Calderon in the space “To win and laugh” of TeleOnce is convalescing at home and, as this newspaper learned, will return to the screen next Monday, April 22. Recently, the DJ also spoke with The New Day about what’s new on the late-night game show and the new opportunities he’s received on local television.

“In ‘To’ win and laugh’ I am with Wandita Sais, and it is another project that I enjoy to the fullest. It is a spectacular experience, the truth is that it is a pleasure to work. “Part of the group from here is with us there,” commented “Finito.”

The fact of reaching the audience twice a day is “great” for the entertainer. Along these lines, he thanked the production of “La bóveda de TeleOnce” for moving to the Guaynabeño entertainment center, since both studios are divided by a street.

“As for the distribution of time, I enjoy my work. I am doing what I like, what I love and, for me, it is brutal,” she emphasized.

From one end of the “TeleOnce vault” studio, “Finito” laughed alone with joy. The co-presenter indicated that the premieres are a reason for excitement and optimism.

“We have a different studio, larger, more welcoming, where we can be more intimate with people. The public will be able to be closer. Although the same affection that we gave them in The Mall of San Juan It is what we are going to give you here. We always treat the public with emotion, with enormous affection, because they deserve it,” he described.

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