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Florida Implements Law for Detention and Deportation of Immigrants, Modeled After Texas Legislation

Influential Florida lawmaker, Senator Blaise Ingoglia, has announced his plans to propose legislation modeled on the Texas law that allows state officials to detain and deport illegal immigrants. Some critics argue that immigration enforcement should be the sole responsibility of the federal government.

Ingoglia, a former chairman of the Florida Republican Party, expressed his firm belief in the necessity of this law, citing concerns that the Biden administration has neglected border security.

“Florida must adopt and pass similar legislation to Texas, empowering its officers to take action on illegal immigrants that the federal government has failed to address,” he stated.

Ingoglia is set to introduce the proposal in the 2025 legislative session, referencing the 2023 Texas law which criminalizes illegal border crossings and mandates deportation. The law also allows charges to be dropped if the immigrant voluntarily agrees to return to Mexico.

While the Department of Justice and pro-immigrant groups have challenged the Texas law in court, citing federal authority over immigration and concerns of racial profiling, a federal appeals court has temporarily suspended its implementation pending further legal action.

Ingoglia pointed to President Biden’s recent admission of the need for potential border closures as evidence of the failure of current policies. He criticized Biden’s approach, stating that Trump’s immigration policies were more effective and necessary.

Last year, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law authored by Ingoglia that criminalizes transporting immigrants in Florida. The senator remains an outspoken advocate against illegal immigration and continues to push for stricter enforcement measures in the state.

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