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Focus on Gag Order in Trump Trial as Witness Testimony Resumes

Prosecutors in Donald Trump’s hush money trial indicated that Trump may be violating a gag order by attacking witnesses on social media, possibly to get locked up. The defense was criticized by the judge for lacking credibility in their arguments. The judge considered holding Trump in contempt over the alleged violations. The DA seeks a fine and removal of the posts, warning of potential jail time for future violations. Key witness David Pecker testified about a scheme to suppress scandalous stories about Trump during his campaign. Pecker and Trump conspired to publish positive stories about Trump and negative ones about opponents. Pecker agreed to notify Cohen of damaging stories. Trump’s defense claims he was responding to political attacks and argues the posts were not willful violations of the gag order. Pecker testified about a ‘mutually beneficial’ agreement with Cohen and Trump to manipulate stories in favor of Trump during his campaign. Prosecutors aim to prove Trump’s involvement in false legal payments to Daniels. The court also heard about articles targeting Trump’s rivals, published by the National Enquirer, at the request of Cohen and Trump. The judge criticized Trump’s legal team for lacking credibility and delaying a decision on the contempt issue. Pecker’s detailed testimony sheds light on the collaboration between Trump, Cohen, and Pecker during the 2016 campaign. The trial focuses on Trump’s possible involvement in illicit payments to Daniels and manipulative media tactics during the campaign.


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