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Former Inmate ‘El Negro’ Lobo Revels in Freedom After Completing Sentence in the United States

The Honduran ex-convict Carlos Arnoldo “The Black” Wolf was captured on the beaches of Miami, United States, enjoying his freedom after serving a sentence for drug trafficking crimes.

Honduran kingpin Carlos Arnaldo Lobo, who was the first drug trafficker extradited to the United States, served a ten-year prison sentence for drug trafficking. In the photographs, he is seen with a blonde woman in a beach chair in a sunny environment. In another image, he appears with a beer in his hand hugging a woman who is presumed to be his partner.

“El Negro” Lobo, 50, left the prison where he was serving his sentence on August 4, 2023. It was on May 9, 2014 that “The Black” Wolf was extradited to Miami to face a serious charge for conspiring to bring hundreds of kilograms of cocaine into the United States in 2009. The conspiracy involved more than 450 kilograms of cocaine during the three years charged in the indictment.

“The Black” Wolf, who is originally from Sparta, Atlantis, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in September 2014 and was subsequently sentenced to 20 years in prison in December of the same year. Between October 2020 and March 2021, Lobo entered into a series of secret negotiations with the United States Prosecutor’s Office, as revealed by eight classified documents in the Honduran’s criminal file. The negotiations favored Lobo, whose 20-year sentence was modified and reduced to ten and a half years in prison, which he served at the beginning of August of this year.

Between 2009 and 2014, “The Black” Wolf was the main ringleader of a meganetwork of trafficking of cocaine through ships from Colombia and Ecuador, and then to Panama and Honduras, to later be sent to Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States. Lobo was the owner of several dozen fishing boats with Honduran registration, which were used by his cartel to transport cocaine. For the justice of the United States, “The Black” Wolf was one of the largest transporters of cocaine in international drug trafficking.

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